I live in a Siväd Home, do you?

You can! Make your home a Siväd Home: For yourself, your family, your country, and your world.
The key characteristic of the Siväd Home is that it uses 100% green power. We have been a Siväd Home since September 2006.
A Siväd Home plan is a group of building enhancements that make any home comfortable, safe, durable, healthy, efficient, and operate on 100% green power, and provides a choice for personal action that will impact climate change. Make a statement by your own actions.
The intent of Siväd Home is to allow people an option, an opportunity, to personally improve their life and the planet through the purchase of home enhancements.

Call 919 801 1396 or email bruce.davis@sivadhome.com to arrange consulting to improve your home's safety, comfort, efficiency, and to move it toward 100% green power.