About Siväd Home

For 30 years, I have learned through my diagnostic investigations in  buildings [homes and light commercial structures] and through applied  research [small dollar to million dollar contracts] how and why  buildings fail and the numerous issues that cause people to be concerned  about the buildings in which they live or work. More importantly, there  has been a broad accumulation of knowledge that has resulted in an  encyclopedia of solutions with regard to enabling buildings to perform  well. With regard to whatever set of parameters that are of interest, -  comfort, moisture and mold, green power, energy efficiency, buckled  hardwood floors, etc. - it is truly possible to have a building achieve  performance much closer to its full potential than many do in their  current state.

The passion that I have for helping people live and work in  buildings that perform, and which can in turn provide a personal impact  on climate change, has lead me to establish “Siväd Home” . My  professional work often starts or ends at home, and I have applied much  of what I teach and learn to our own modest home to confirm that the  solutions work. It is important for people to find pleasure, comfort,  and joy in the performance of their home or office building. No, I do  not know everything, but between my knowledge and the knowledge of a  network of other shelter industry professionals, most interests can be  addressed.

A “Siväd Home” plan could provide combinations of the following:

Off site green power supplemental purchase plan

On site power storage

On site power production integrated with power storage

Potential for home station for plug-in hybrid or electric vehicles

Safe Combustion Appliance Operation

Moisture management

Water use and reuse management

Quality Indoor Environment